pHBALANCER™ – Alkalizing Red Formula Helps Reverse Chronic Acidity and Inflammation, and Helps Maintain a Healthy Acid – Alkaline Balance.

ALSO INCLUDED in pHBALANCER is The GIFT™ From Mother Earth – our Super-Concentrated Fulvic and Humic Acid Blend Product—to SUPERCHARGE Nutrient Delivery to the Cells. Nutrients need to get to the cells to do their job of supporting or participating in all the Biochemical, Metabolic Processes that take place in our bodies. These metabolic processes Support Our Health and Wellness.

PLUS a Potent Fulvic-Based Alkalizing Mineral and Co-Factor Complex for serious alkaline support to help restore and maintain cellular pH levels.

LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, a special Herbal and Botanical Support Group to provide additional detoxification, de-acidifying, and cleansing support to jumpstart the release of acids and toxins.

pH Balancer Alkalizing Formula



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